Rodent Control Services

We are experts in providing trapping programs for pack rats and roof rats in and around your home.  In recent years roof rats have spread throughout Scottsdale and have become a considerable problem.  Pack rats are more common in the northern part of the city in the open desert areas. Both species are very destructive such as eating attic, air conditioning, vehicle and pool heater wiring as well as building nests in outdoor barbeque's.  They both carry a wide variety of diseases. To reduce the risk of odor and for the safety of children and pets, we do not use posion bait in our rodent control programs. Please call today to rid your home of these unwanted pest.







Initial set up fee---$125.00

Traps set and monitored on a weekly basis for 3-4 weeks. 



Cost for sealing rat entry points is avaliable on a per bid basis.